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Welcome to the Law of Algae

Business and Legal Issues of Producing Algae Biofuels

Dear Member of the Algae Biofuels Community,

Interest in algae as a third generation feedstock is fueling the development of many novel and exciting technologies for the production of algae biofuels including applications to harvest and extract algal oil.  While challenges exist in the commercialization of algae biofuels, the driving forces for biofuels the price of oil, instability in many oil producing countries, state renewable fuel standards, and increasing greenhouse gases from the use of fossil fuels have amplified the pressure to develop and commercialize algae biofuels.

Recognizing this dynamic and vibrant market and the many related legal challenges, the Stoel Rives BioEnergy attorneys have assembled the first edition of THE LAW OF ALGAE.  This guide contains insights and lessons that the Stoel Rives BioEnergy attorneys have learned through their position as market leaders in bioenergy legal issues and applied to algae biofuels.  Because the processes, technologies, and issues are changing rapidly with the commercialization of algae biofuels, we are introducing a new wiki format for our LAW OF ALGAE. 

THE LAW OF ALGAE is one in a series of “LAW OF” books that Stoel Rives LLP has produced over the past five years.  The others include THE LAW OF WIND—A Guide to Business and Legal Issues, LAVA LAW—Legal Issues in Geothermal Energy Development, THE LAW OF BUILDING GREEN—Business and Legal Issues of Sustainable Real Estate Development, THE LAW OF OCEAN AND TIDAL ENERGY—A Guide to Business and Legal Issues, LEX HELIUS:  THE LAW OF SOLAR ENERGY—A Guide to Business and Legal Issues, The Law of Cooperatives, and SHOW ME THE MONEY—The Law of the Stimulus Package. 

We hope that you find the LAW OF ALGAE useful.  Please contact us with any comments.

Mark J. Hanson
Mary G. Sennes
Stoel Rives BioEnergy Team
612-373-8823 direct Minneapolis

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