Preliminary Design and Engineering Services

Algae biofuels projects require design and engineering expertise that is unique to this sector of the renewable energy industry.  Relatively few firms design, engineer, and manufacture specialty process equipment for algae biofuels projects because this process technology is in the early stages of development.  The designer must understand the complexities and interrelations of the algae production and harvesting process, the oil extraction process, and the biodiesel refining process that uses the algae oil.  In balancing these and other factors, the designer will determine the type of process technology the project will use as well as the power source that will be needed.  Thoughtful design becomes even more critical if the project site contains existing facilities that are to be incorporated into the new production plant, or if the developer’s plans include a co-generation system, i.e., the recovery of useful energy from the biofuels processes (such as the generation of electricity from waste heat).

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